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“Transformation of your business
is all in the connection.”
- Cheryl C Jones

Improve Your Profitability

If you REALLY want to improve your organization and profitability, you’ll first need to take a deep dive into what satisfies your customers and employees. Cheryl will help you identify the issues inhibiting your success and provide you the tools to build a strong team and enviable business culture. With her help, you can and will attain excellence and growth in your organization.

Cheryl has been successfully improving business systems and employee relations for over 20 years. See what she can do for you.

  • Gain An Impartial Point of View
  • Identify Underlying Issues
  • Determine Best Solutions
  • Take Action

Meet Cheryl C. Jones

"When my clients experience joy, a clearer sense of purpose, and reach higher levels of success in their lives and businesses, I couldn't be happier."

For over 25 years, I have been training individuals and teams to transform their work and personal relationships so that they feel heard, respected, and part of the team.

My expertise in the area of effective interpersonal communication and healthy relationships has helped many workgroups and individuals learn to break down the barriers that lead to dysfunction so that disagreements can be resolved politely and easily (imagine that!).

High-level organizations such as the San Antonio Spurs, Wells Fargo Banks, and The City of San Antonio, have appreciated my straightforward and down to earth demeanor, easy to apply techniques, and successful track record.

For many years, I have trained and studied the nuances of human behavior in an effort to help improve how people interact with one another, especially at work.


Meet Cheryl C. Jones

"When my clients experience joy, a clearer sense of purpose, and reach higher levels of success in their lives and businesses, I couldn't be happier."

Using my expert questioning skills, I am able to cut through corporate nonsense to help individuals recognize and revise the assumptions running their lives (business).

From this vantage point, each individual involved becomes more aligned with your business’ direction. This new perspective pushes the doors wide-open to make room for exciting new possibilities.

Cheryl is the Immediate Past President of the National Speakers Association-Austin Chapter, Past President of the Association for Talent Development, an advanced level practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and the Emotion Code.

Cheryl resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband Marvin and their canine companions, Pinot and Comet.


Exhausted and Frustrated by Your Own Lack of Emotional Control?

Learn to master your emotions and develop your personal power with Cheryl’s newest book.

"Cheryl Jones rates high marks for Emotional Self Mastery. By incorporating a few life techniques you learn how to reduce worry, fight & win the battle of negativity and instill happiness & joy back into your life. This is a book to keep in your briefcase and share with others."
- Rebecca Gray

Past Clients

"I just wanted to say thank you for giving such a powerful and inspirational speech yesterday. Unfortunately I had to run to another meeting right after your speech, so I did not have a chance to introduce myself in person and get one of your unique puzzle business card but yesterday I was truly shocked and inspired by your speech. The five characteristics you discussed yesterday were things that I had to hear so bad recently because I've been having difficulty getting along with other people around me especially since I moved to Houston. However, you've answered all my questions, and now I feel like I've had a psychological counselling that "solved" all my (imaginary) problems on my mind."

Sunny Suh

"You did a great job in leading us through a challenging process. I know from experience how easy it is for meetings like this to go off on a tangent and before you know it, the whole day is gone without hitting a lick on the stated objective. You kept us on track all day long without being dictatorial or insensitive to our need to express ourselves. As a result, we ended the day with a pretty good direction for the organization. I, for one, feel that it was a worthwhile investment of our time and PTMA's money."

Patrick Whitty

PTMA Board Retreat

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Break free from your company’s limiting issues and succeed.

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or individual who feels stuck professionally, trapped by too many demands or stressed by employee misbehavior? I can help!

Together, you and I will develop the confidence and skills necessary for you and your team to succeed. I will help you ignite the energy and excitement necessary to reach your potential.

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